Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds can be required for many different reasons. A surety bond is not the same as insurance. It is a credit instrument and works differently than an insurance contract on behalf of the principal (person obtaining the bond) and for the obligee (person or entity requiring the bond).


We work individuals that must have a bond in order to administer an estate, act as a guardian, and other situations where a court requires an individual to obtain a bond.


A good example of this type of bond is a janitorial bond. The owner of the janitor service may purchase a crime bond because they send employees in to the homes and businesses’ of customers and they may have access to cash and other forms of money.

Bid and Performance

Contractors are often required to get a bond on their job bid. Then, if awarded the job, they must provide financial guarantee that they can complete the job.

License and Permit

Contractors are required to have this type of bond as a part of registration with a city (county, state, village) in order to perform their type of work (e.g. Electric) and this type of bond assures that the work will be completed according to the building code.