Excess Liability Insurance

Excess Liability Insurance

We write personal umbrella policies and commercial excess policies.

Excess liability is an additional layer of liability protection over your “underlying liability” that you carry on your automobile policy and personal liability (included with a homeowners policy), for example.

Umbrella Policy

A personal umbrella policy is an additional layer of liability that covers your automobile, homeowners, and other personal lines policies such as a recreational vehicle policy or seasonal home. You must maintain a certain limit of liability on each of the policies that an umbrella is intended to cover.

Umbrella policies are typically purchased in increments of $1,000,000. If your automobile policy has a limit of $500,000 bodily injury per person / $500,000 bodily injury per accident / and $100,000 property damage, then should the loss exceed the limit within your automobile policy, your umbrella policy can be used. This is how liability limits protect an insured as well as the other party- otherwise your other assets could be at risk. Your home and/or other real estate and property, current income, future income and anything that you own could be included in a lawsuit against you if your policy limits are exceeded. Even the most prudent drivers can make a mistake that could result in a catastrophic loss.

While our biggest area of risk is on the road, an umbrella policy is meant to cover our personal liability on our homeowners policy as well. This can be especially important to people that own tenant occupied properties or a seasonal residence that is available for others to use because the insured loses control over who is permitted on the premises.