Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

We insure offices, retail, manufacturers, distributors, apartment buildings, truckers, and other commercial automobile exposures, to name a few. We can insure property, general liability, professional liability, liquor liability, and other lines of business depending on what a risk requires.

Commercial Insurance has some similarities and differences from the more familiar category of Personal Insurance. Commonly asked questions as we get to know a new prospect, regardless of the type of business they own, are: length of time in business, experience in industry beyond business ownership, number of employees, revenue and payroll amounts, loss history with their prior carrier, and areas (county(s), state(s)) that business is conducted.

An area where insureds are often unaware of contractual differences is within an auto policy. A personal auto policy will extend liability and physical damage to a rented or temporary substitute vehicle. A commercial auto policy must be written to extend liability and physical damage to a rented vehicle and a policy could have one component and not the other. It is important to discuss non-owned auto and hired car liability and physical damage with your insurance agent.

When insuring property your agent will need to know the value of tools and/or equipment, if it is mobile property or stays on site (office furniture), and the age of your office/shop/building and updates completed on older buildings.

Depending on your business, you may need professional liability in addition to general liability. Also, certain businesses will need one or more types of bonds in conjunction with their insurance policy(s).