Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance

We insure automobiles that you use for daily commuting, collector cars, and recreational vehicles such as, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, boats, campers, and RVs.

No matter what type of automobile or recreational vehicle you own, your policy(s) will have liability limits and depending on the age and condition of your vehicle you may also have physical damage coverage. Comprehensive or “other than collision” and collision coverage provides physical damage to an insured’s vehicle. Liability limits exist for the other party if the insured is at fault. While liability limits protect others, they also protect the insured. For this reason, it is important to carry adequate limits of liability and consider an umbrella policy as well. Look under excess liability for more discussion on liability limits.

Un and Underinsured motorist coverage is liability protection for the insured if the at fault party in an accident is UN or UNDER insured. If the limits of liability are exceeded on the other party’s policy and your bodily injury costs/needs are not met, it is possible to turn to your own company using this coverage.

Medical Payments on an automobile policy are for the driver and passengers, NOT the other party.

Additional Coverage Features

Additional coverage features that you may want to consider, to name a few, are: towing and labor, rental reimbursement, and gap coverage for loan or lease. Each company will handle these types of coverage differently than the next, especially if there is an endorsement available that groups them in with coverage like key replacement, pet medical expense, and broad form glass and/or collision.

Let your insurance professional know HOW you use your auto. It can make a difference in rating AND determine if coverage exists.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicle policies will have options such as, trip interruption, accessory coverage, and vacation liability. If your recreational vehicle is a type of watercraft then you could add fishing equipment and personal property to your policy.

Classic, Antique or Collector Cars

If you own a classic, antique, or collector car you can find coverage that is “geared” for those vehicles that are not used as a daily driver auto. There are certain requirement that must be met for these types of policies, but a few of the benefits are: low or no deductible for physical damage coverage, agreed valuation vs. actual cash valuation, and typically lower premiums in comparison with a commute use auto policy.